Evergreen Sunflower Crushed Glass Bird Bath Bowl NZRRNZLOI

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Attract birds to your garden anytime of day with this birdbathRinse with warm water to cleanBring indoors in extreme weatherDoes not include a standMeasures approximately 18L x 18W x 3H

Beckon feathered friends to your yard with this eye-catching sunflower bird bath. Its intricate crushed glass design and vibrant hues embody the essence of spring. Composed of high-quality materials, the 18 bowl is beautiful yet practical. Its elegance and functionality are sure to delight both humans and birds alike! Choose a shady spot to place the bath, as this can prevent algae growth and keep the water cool.For best results, fill the bath with only 1 to 2 inches of fresh water, as birds can find bathing difficult or dangerous in deeper water. Place gravel, stones, or sand in the bowl to adjust water depth or make the bottom less slippery. Change the water every few days. Dump the dirty water out instead of adding more to the basin. About once a week or so, scrub the bowl with warm water and soap. Do not use any bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Evergreen Sunflower Crushed Glass Bird Bath Bowl NZRRNZLOI

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