Evergreen Flamingo Camper Hanging Bird House MUXWLERYO

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Bring beautiful spring songs of chirping of birds to your gardenSculpted from polystone with a clean-out holeLeave houses up year-round because different bird species use them at various periods throughout each season. Position so it is not too far from food sources. Installing a house on a tree could give predators easy access, so always be aware and keep cats indoorsOnce breeding season is over, usually by mid-August, clean out the bird house. Scrub the house with a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water. Rinse well and leave it open to dry completelyMeasures approximately 7.5 x 5.25 x 4.5 inches

This flamingo camper hanging bird house will provide feathered friends with shelter from predators and inclement weather, as well as a place to build a nest and raise their young! Functional and decorative, the house includes a convenient clean-out hole in the back and an entrance that measures 1.25 inches.The bird house is crafted from polystone and can easily be hung on a free-standing metal pole, PVC pipe, side of a house, or fence rail. Most birds prefer a sunny, open space with shrubs or brush about six feet away for protective cover. Install 5 to 30 feet above the ground, and clean the house after each nesting season to remove insects or parasites.

Evergreen Flamingo Camper Hanging Bird House MUXWLERYO

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