Cape Sundew Drosera capensis 50-100 carnivorous plant seeds DOCAEUZJL

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You will receive 50-100 fresh cape sundew seeds, planting instructions, and growing instructions. You can expect germination in 4-8 weeks, and under good conditions you can have plenty of mature cape sundews in 6 months to a year.Drosera capensis (also called the Cape sundew) is perhaps the perfect carnivorous plant for a beginner. They are relatively large sundews, and are incredibly resilient and forgiving. Cape sundews grow large stems with many long, green leaves. The end of each leaf is covered in small, red tentacles that each have a tiny droplet of sticky dew at their tip. This gives the appearance of a perpetually dew-covered leaf.When an insect lands on one of these sticky leaves, it gets covered in the sticky dew and becomes completely stuck. The leaf then slowly curls around the trapped insect, and digests it.Cape sundews grow year-round and can adapt to almost any condition. From a sunny kitchen windowsill, to filtered sun outdoors in most mild climates, these plants will grow happily. They produce flower stalks up to 12 tall with numerous showy, pink flowers. These flowers are self-fertile, and can produce copious seeds under good growing conditions.These sundews must be kept wet at all times, so it is best to have a tray, bowl or saucer for the pot to sit in. It is also important that the plant be watered with distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or rain water because most regular tap water can be deadly to carnivorous plants.

Cape Sundew Drosera capensis 50-100 carnivorous plant seeds DOCAEUZJL

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