Salter Electronic Kitchen Scale Black IGSUPLMLV

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New! Double - Size Chargers!!! for standard dispensers40 boxes of 5 double-size - 16g N2O - whipped cream chargersFits any standard dispenserWe strongly recommend 1-pint or larger dispensers, as it will be very high pressure in the 1/2 pint models

Only Bestwhip offers you our New Double-Sized chargers with 16 grams of pure N2O super-charged into each one! These are the "Big Boys" designed to whip lots of cream in the large 2-pint (1 Liter) dispensers. This product also prolongs the life of your dispenser - and your wrists - by giving you twice the gas in each cartridge! They also have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty -the longest in the entire industry! Bestwhip has become the leading brand for over 10 years, known and trusted world-wide.

Salter Electronic Kitchen Scale Black IGSUPLMLV

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