Salt and Pepper Shakers Famgem GOT Stainless Steel Set with 3 Adjustable Pours PFURANNNJ

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THE FAMGEM KITCHENWARE ADVANTAGE: Many years well-known brand for built to last quality. The handy salt pepper dispenser are made of a high-quality stainless steel shell with lids and a robust glass body, which is cleaned in no time. The non-lead glass provides an anti-bacterial surface and help safe guard against scratches. Build quality that the cheap shakers cant match! NOVELTY FUNNY SHAKERS DESIGN - Say goodbye to bulky spice shakers! Entertaining Rose Gold GOT Salt and Pepper Shakers, Inspired Printing Stark Direwolf with Chef Hat Salt is Here,Pepper is Here on each shakers, Give the perfect luxury gifts for mom or dad or the bride and groom, unique engagement, wedding, anniversary, valentines day. With the Famgem premium sea salt shaker and pepper dispenser you bring a true star into your home; The classic design visually enhances any kitchen. 3 SIZE ADJUSTABLE POUR - Are you tired of your old salt and pepper shakers even dont know it Think about when you only wanted a sprinkle of salt, but your shaker poured out a whole ocean. Or when all you wanted was some pepper on your eggs, but your shaker was clogged, leaving your arm tired and eggs unpeppered. Enjoy sea, Himalayan or kosher salt, as well as any pepper that suits your taste! It could compeletly closed when not in use. You deserve better. EASY REFILL WITH NO MESS - salt and pepper shaker is 2.17 diameter and 4.9 inches tall. Remember that time you thought it was pepper, but it was actually salt Never make wrong decisions in the kitchen again. A clear glass bottom so you can easily see whats inside and when to refill. This Refillable shaker has a large, hidden glass body with protective metal shell, Unscrew the metal part to refill. CHROME STAND & EASY RETURN: The salt and pepper shakers come nested in a chrome stand for easy carrying. Just keep it on your counter. Perfect for home kitchens and restaurant tables. Charming and funny gifts for women men who love to cooking, baking, grill together. 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, No questions asked! Zero risk to try the product today!

Salt and Pepper Shakers Famgem GOT Stainless Steel Set with 3 Adjustable Pours PFURANNNJ

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