12-Inch Square Serving Tray and Plate with 4-inch Dipping and Nut Bowls with Spoons Set of 5 DTGIBNCBH

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Handcrafted from one solid piece of acacia hardwood. Each Acaciaware square tray and wooden plate has its own unique look with a naturally colored wood grain.Completely food-safe for both hot and cold appetizers or entrees.Acaciaware is extremely hard with a tight grain making this wooden serving tray resistant to water penetration, staining and will not pick up odors.Acaciaware is easy care! Simply wash the item with warm soapy water and air dry. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.Trust genuine Acaciaware as responsibly forested. That means that our wood is harvested from healthy forests and is done so in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Pacific Merchants Acaciaware natural hardwood appetizer trays, dipping bowls and nut bowls are an attractive yet functional addition to your serveware for entertaining. For example, this appetizer tray serving set can be used for your dining table entertaining. Or use as a cheese serving tray, cheese board or for crudité platter ideas. This set can be used as a serving tray with condiment bowls and serving spoons. Use only genuine Acaciaware serveware as beautiful serving dishes or use a an appetizer plate for dinner parties, formal or casual dining, family gatherings and entertaining friends. Perfect as a hostess gift, wedding gift idea or housewarming gift. Genuine Acaciaware is durable beyond the inherent natural acacia wood beauty. The tight grain of acacia wood along with a food-safe protective finish makes this tray resistant to penetration by liquids, and it will not stain or pick up odors. All of our acacia wood kitchenware is hand carved or hand turned from one solid piece of natural acacia hardwood. Acaciaware is kid friendly because it is made from natural wood, completely food-safe and has no sharp corners or splinters. If for some reason your acacia wood appetizer tray and serving plate ever appears dry, treat it with 100% pure mineral oil and the grain will be restored to its original beautiful condition. Acaciaware comes in a various shapes and sizes including round bowls, salad serving sets, and other wood serveware. Take care of your Acaciaware natural acacia wood and it will last you for years of enjoyment.

12-Inch Square Serving Tray and Plate with 4-inch Dipping and Nut Bowls with Spoons Set of 5 DTGIBNCBH

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