Cooking Upgrades CS-1-24 24 Count Cupcake Stand Holder Display by BKRRKYWEX

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HOLDS UP TO 24 CUPCAKES! Full size, decorated cupcakes fit perfectly and display beautifully. (Each cupcake holder measures 2 1/4 at the bottom and 2 3/4 at the top.)HOLDERS ARE INCREDIBLY STURDY but malleable enough to reshape as needed!GORGEOUS DESIGN is perfect for both formal parties as well as a birthday or special event.SUPER SIMPLE to assemble and disassemble for quick and easy set-up, clean up (hand wash,) and storage.UNIQUE LOOK is both elegant yet unassuming. Long lasting metal construction holds each cupcake securely.

What sets this cupcake stand apart from other stands
Why buy a holder that limits you to 23 cupcakes Use a cupcake stand that holds two full pans of cupcakes - 24 full-sized cakes! And speaking of full-sized, make sure your stand will hold full size cupcakes with room to spare - thats just not the case with many other styles of cupcake stands. Choose something you wont have second thoughts about!

Product Features
- This stand is made of sturdy metal so you can be sure it is long lasting and will hold up for the entire party!
- The unique and fun design make a beautiful addition to any birthday party, celebration or special event!
- Dont worry about moving all of your cupcakes at one because the sturdy ring at the top makes it simple to grab the entire stand!
- Assembling the stand is a breeze and so is taking it apart after the gathering! Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions!

So add this cupcake stand to your cart today and use it at your next party!

*Please note that the cupcake holder can become slightly bent during shipping. Each holder is very sturdy and can be bent back easily without damaging the stand.

Cooking Upgrades CS-1-24 24 Count Cupcake Stand Holder Display by BKRRKYWEX

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