Cardew Design Crosswords 18 zo Teapot By Cardew Design XPRQLVZAO

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18oz Teapot serves 2 cupsFully wrap around séance with artwork and copy: Were off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of OzHigh Fired Porcelain with full wrap around decal, extremely durableHighest quality ceramic ware, dishwasher and micro safeDesigned by Paul Cardew, world famous UK artist, specializing in teapots and accessories for over 35 years

Paul Cardew was encouraged to explore his talents as a child by Michael Cardew, his great uncle and renowned ceramic designer, or when he later attended the art school at the prestigious Loughborough University in the heart of England. Paul first began teaching art part-time at Exeter University where he had time to develop his skills. Paul Cardews was asked to design ceramic brooches for Harrods Department store in London and traditional dinnerware brands like Portmeirion, Royal Doulton, Lilliput Lane, Harmony Kingdom- to name but a few. But his greatest claim was an association with The Walt Disney Company, with over one hundred designs perfected during a six year period. Launching Paul on to the worlds stage. Roy Disney selected Paul Cardew as one of only a few artists worldwide to design special products for Disneys Millennium reproduction of the Fantasia Cartoon. Paul was invited to attend the movies premier at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Many of Paul Cardew old designs are now antiques and are featured in auctions wherever ceramic art and teapots turn up. Today Paul Cardew continues to create even more interesting designs appealing to the ever changing tastes of the discerning consumer. Click on Cardew to see the full range of the products sold on .

Cardew Design Crosswords 18 zo Teapot By Cardew Design XPRQLVZAO

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