Brass Turkish Coffee Maker Tabletop Alcohol Burner Lrg 428 DKMFYFMZQ

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Delivery time: About 3 weeks - brass turkish coffee maker table top alcohol burner LRGSize:Width:5.2 Inch = 13 cm - Height:5 Inch=12.5 cmWeight: 500 gm = ( 17.64 Oz ) - Material: solid brassQuantity : 1 pcs - Color : goldCondition:New Egyptian Handmade With High Quality

Item Description : Professionally Handmade Brass Tabletop Alcohol Burner With Metal Brass Handle.

Now You Can Taste The Real Turkish Coffee This package includes

Qty (1) Brass tabletop alcohol burner Turkisk coffee maker.

Qty (1) Brass flame cover.

Qty (1) Plastic filling flask aid

Handcrafted In Egypt!!! Our Items Are 100% Handmade By Highly Skillful Craftsmen In Egypt!!

Condition: 100% New

Quantity : 1 pcs

Color : Gold Tone

Weight (Approx.) : 500 gm = ( 17.64 oz )

Material: Solid Brass

Size (Approx.) : Width (Without The Handle)=5.2 Inch (13 CM) Height: 5 Inch=12.5 cm

Used to make Turkish & Arabian coffee (without electricity) With such real solid hard brass this burner will last for years and years

The ideal way to make thick Turkish coffee foam

Amazing detail and craftsmanship.

Will definitely add a decorative look to your corner.

Can be used anywhere any time no need to electric source (camping -home) How To Serve A Great Turkish Coffee

1. Measure the amount of cold water you will need.

2. Place your pot of water on the stove and turn the heat to medium-high (just until the water heats up).

3. Add about 1-2 heaping tea spoons of coffee per demitasse cup Do not stir it yet. Just let the coffee float on the surface because if you stir it now you will cause it to clump up.

4. Add sugar to taste. Do not stir it yet, because the water needs to be warm before it can dissolve.

5. When the coffee starts to sinks into the water and the temperature is warm enough to dissolve your sugar, stir it several times and then turn down the heat to low.

You should stir it several times, up until it your brew starts to foam. The more you mix it better it will foam ( you can also vigorously move.

NOTE : You can use white ethanol alcohol

Brass Turkish Coffee Maker Tabletop Alcohol Burner Lrg 428 DKMFYFMZQ

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