Barrier Eco 1.2L Water Filter Pitcher Amber CMEHVSENN

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Filters 2x the amount of water as all other well-known pitchers; therefore, half the price!Easy to use! Simply fill with water and enjoy great-tasting, healthy water in minutes.Portable – great for areas that do not have regular access to a sink (dorm rooms, offices, etc.).Filters only need to be changed every 80 gallons (that is typically every 4 months instead of every 2 months).Fun modern designs and colors BpA-Free Nested cartridge screws in to prevent falling out while pouring.

Barrier Eco Pitcher (1.2L capacity) Available in Amber.

Enjoy an inexpensive, portable option for filtered water! -- So you want filtered water, but you don’t have space to permanently attach something to your faucet Or maybe your body screams for better water but your budget has a need for frugality Enviro Products’ Barrier Water Filter Pitchers give you the great-tasting filtered water you crave at a price your wallet will love.

Unique Silver Impregnated Carbon Technology reduces bacteria growth within filter cartridge.

Nano Plus absorbing surface increases effectiveness of contaminant filtration.

Removes chlorine, cadmium, mercury, petroleum products, lead, iron and pesticides.

Barrier Eco 1.2L Water Filter Pitcher Amber CMEHVSENN

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