Artland Iris Highball Glasses Clear Set of 4 SYVTIVICA

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Artland Iris Highball Glasses make up a gorgeous highball glassware set that adds elegance, color and fun to your home; set of four in a clear finishThis is a perfect barware glassware set; can be used as cocktail, cold beverage and water glassesThe Iris collection features a gorgeous bubble glass that is both elegant and fun; these are some of the most sought after colored glasses on the marketAll of the glasses are handblown and are made of high quality lead-free glassAfter a night of cocktails, dinner, or entertaining simply place the wine glasses in the dishwasher for cleaning

Vivacious bubbles lend a refreshing elegance to these glasses. The simple shape is perfect at meals both casual and formal. Put together a versatile set of glassware with goblets and shorter tumblers from the Glassware Collection (sold separately). Dishwasher safe. Imported.

Artland Iris Highball Glasses Clear Set of 4 SYVTIVICA

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