Arthur Court Designs Aluminum Alligator Oblong Serving Food Tray 18 x 8 EGMLAFNBS

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Thick cut glass rectangular serving tray large enough for a full main course or delicious appetizersBrilliantly shined, cast aluminum alligator replica perches along one side, created with rich detailSloped sides allow plenty of food to fill this oversized serving platter, ideal for a centerpieceWash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately - do not put in dishwasher.Comes in Gift Box perfect for Gathering or Party

Thick textured glass, cut with a beveled slope, is accented with a finely wrought alligator decoration. This rectangular serving tray from Arthur Court is handle-free; the alligator, though firmly attached to the textured glass, is intended as a decoration, not a serving element. He is finely wrought from sand-cast aluminum, richly detailed from the sharp fangs to the scaly tail. The gator is a realistic replica of the real thing, complete with legs ready to pounce on guests trying to steal the food from his tray. The rippled interior of the glass echoes his watery home. At over a foot long, this tray is ideal for presenting a generous charcuterie selection or an array of fresh fruit and cheeses. The sloped sides allow food to be stacked safely, and the flat surface allows plenty of room for larger foods, such as a ham or a pile of roasted winter vegetables. The tray is not dishwasher safe; wash by hand with gentle soap and dry thoroughly.A handmade, sand-cast alligator fiercely guards the right side of this dish, growling at a would-be stealer of his food. The lustrous, aluminum reptile gleams brilliantly against the clear glass, making this tray a show-stealing addition to any buffet line.

Arthur Court Designs Aluminum Alligator Oblong Serving Food Tray 18 x 8 EGMLAFNBS

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