Adagio Teas 8 oz. Dalian Yixing Teapot HPEWIYXGK

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Teapot made in China, exclusively for Adagio. 8oz (0.25L). 3.5 DiameterMade from rare zi sha clayGreat for steeping oolongs and puerhsComplete the set with matching cupsAn Adagio Teas exclusive

A handmade work of Chinese art, with a tradition going back thousands of years. This pot is made from rare zi sha clay (purple sand), which is found only in the city of Yixing, in Jiangsu province. These often elaborate and whimsical pots are traditionally used for gongfu steeping, where tea is served in small cups over the course of many very short infusions. Ideal teas for this are oolongs and puerhs, although some black teas will be quite lovely, as well. The unglazed tea pot will become seasoned, absorbing the rich tea oils over repeated use. So no matter which tea you choose, its recommended to dedicate a Yixing pot to a particular type of tea for best flavor. Perfect for foodservice, restaurant and other professional industrial uses. Bulk pricing available through Adagio Wholesale.

Adagio Teas 8 oz. Dalian Yixing Teapot HPEWIYXGK

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