[8223] grapefruit tea bag 10 packs included WKRBNYJPV

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  • Product Code: WKRBNYJPV

Contents: 25g (2.5gX10)Ingredients: green tea (Japan), lemon peel, orangProduct size (height x depth x width): 193mmX45mm

Product introduction green tea and refreshing scent of grapefruit is harmonious, fresh popularity of tea. Faint bitterness hidden in the acidity is the adult taste. - Delicious put the way of a guide (cupful 150ml) hot water temperature: hot water leaching time: in 1.5-2 minutes stand pack with zipper, tea bag contains 10 pieces. Note (Disclaimer)> Please be sure to read direct sunlight, please avoid the heat and humidity. So as not to impair the flavor of the tea, please enjoy as soon as possible.

[8223] grapefruit tea bag 10 packs included WKRBNYJPV

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